st. nicholas day

{December 6} St. Nicholas Day was so much fun this year! Blake and Evelyn were so excited to set out their shoes the night before. And I wish I would have captured Blake's excitement when he saw the surprises that were left. Since it was Fast Sunday, we didn't have crepes like we normally do, but the kids were excited to eat their chocolates for breakfast along with muffins. 

St. Nicholas brought the children new Christmas jammies. They were pretty thrilled about them. In fact, I think Blake stayed in his for 36 hours straight. 

Blake's turning into quite the comedian. Oliver's hat is just a tad too small for him. :) 

I said "Cheese!" and this is what I got. Haha.

I'm feeling so so blessed this Christmas! I still can't believe all 3 of these cute kids are ours forever.

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  1. I can't get enough of your kids in their cute pajamas! I don't blame Blake for wearing them for 36 hours straight! ;)


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