it's no cecret anymore

It's no secret anymore that Brandon got a new job (as mentioned in his most recent post about all the crazy things I will do, but let's not dwell on that). Because of how the timing worked out for everything, he has had a few days off over the past few weeks before his new one started. Fortunately for us, we got to do some fun things as a family. (And maybe unfortunately for him that his wife likes to cram in too much, but again, let's not dwell on that).

Since all of our previous attempts to hike this summer have been ruined by the rain, hiking was at the top of our list. We hiked to Cecret Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was a gem of a hike. It was fairly short, but perfect until we get a better backpack/carrier for the Blakester since he his almost getting too heavy for the Bjorn. We had a picnic near the shore and literally could have stayed for hours it was so nice.

I'm really excited for him and his new job, but I'm afraid that it will be a reality check when we don't have him around during the day as much anymore. But that is life, right? I'm stoked that he is stoked for this new opportunity. And yes, I didn't get a picture from his first day, but I did get a picture of him with the welcome package they sent to him after he accepted the offer.We're looking forward to the many perks they have to offer.

Aside from running errands, sleeping in, playing lots of games, and working on projects, we also got to go up to Park City for a free dinner at the Park City Pizza Company one night. It was yummy food and so fun to see Blake insist on drinking some of our water with a straw. This little boy makes life the best.

A new chapter of our life is beginning and we sure hope it's a good one. But if the past is any indication, then it will be!


  1. Congrats to Brandon! We have a Kelty Kids pack that we bought new when Ainsley was around one that I just haven't gotten around to posting on KSL yet, if you're interested.

  2. i never did say congrats even though it was pretty clear he was getting the job when we were in ID! Hurray!


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