the most random place we have ever been to

On Saturday, we hit up the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch. Talk about the most bizarre and random place we have been to. Ever. Despite the quirkiness, it happened to be one of the highlights because it was so different.

Just in case you don't ever make it there, let me give you a little rundown of the place. First, you pay $5 and get a bucket of food to feed all the animals.

We started with the donkeys.

Brandon must have been a zookeeper in his previous life because he was a natural. So were Marcelle and T.

I, on the other hand, didn't realize that when we got to feed the animals, it meant directly from our hands. I was slightly disgusted by it and it took all the courage I could muster up to do it.

Next came the deer. Again, here is Brandon and Blake effortlessly feeding them. I thought if I put my hand really low it would make it less painful.

And then there was the Goat Penthouse. What!? This will explain it:

 ^So yep, we put the food in the yellow baskets and cranked it up there to them. ^

The next one was ridiculous: the Hole in the Wall Gang. These boer goats kept wanting to eat and eat. 

I couldn't get over how ridiculous all their bobbing heads looked. It was disgusting feeding them. And hilarious at the same time.

The ostriches were vicious. They were like veloca-raptors, ready to bite anything in their way. We didn't feed from our hands on this one :)

We went to the more mild ducks next. 

And finished off with the lorakeets last. Well, Brandon did anyway. I stayed and played photographer from behind the fence. I'm glad I did since Brandon got a nice little gift on his head as soon as he walked in. The birds were beautiful though and he enjoyed getting to feed them. 


 That sums up our most random afternoon.


  1. Oh man this post cracks me up. You and animals have never got along. Reminds me of the time dogs showed up at soccer practice and when we were taunting you with kittens at Amanda's! Ha!

  2. Too fun! Next stop, feeding giraffes at the zoo! :) Also, I'm in love with the yellow jacket you're wearing, it's adorable!


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