hallelulah! blake is potty trained!

I had to write this down because I know I'll look back and laugh. And hopefully it will give me hope the next time around. 

Hallelujah with a capital H! I honestly never thought the day Blake would be potty trained would ever come. We started this process back in February and after a few successful days, the game wasn't fun anymore. Treats and prizes weren't going to cut it. So we tried again in March. Add in morning sickness and all that jazz and well, we both weren't doing so hot during round 2.

Then hit spring and travel to Oregon and Idaho didn't help the situation. He would do really well and then just give up. So we gave up. Back to diapers he went.

To add to the mix, we ripped out the main floor bathroom to completely re-do it. Like all other projects, it took 4x as long. That meant 4x as long to get a toilet accessible since he didn't want to run upstairs everytime he needed to go.

A few weeks ago, we ran out of diapers. And I said, "That's it!" I refuse to buy one more diaper for him. And that included pull-ups. There was no way I was going to have 3 in diapers, so it was go time. For reals.

I about lost it those first days. Accident after accident. We went up to Idaho for a family reunion and he had 4 accidents in one day! It must have been me because whenever Brandon was around, Blake was a champ. I knew he had the ability to do it. He just didn't want it I guess.

I remember one day when he knew he had to pee, so he just stood in the kitchen and peed right there on the floor. And a few hours later, did it again.

Would he ever get it? I was doubtful. But one day, I decided I couldn't get frustrated anymore with his accidents no matter how mad it made me. I pulled out a potty training story I got from the Target dollar spot and read it. I think that was the turning point. We talked about how yucky it is to have accidents and from then on out, he seemed to want to be a big boy. We made a new sticker chart and he got a treat when he went.

Brandon upped the reward by promising to take him to Minions and get rootbeer (his favorite) and popcorn when he was all potty trained.

He has had a few minor accidents, but all in all, he is potty trained! He stays dry at night and goes to the bathroom all on his own now. I couldn't be more thrilled.

He finally got his Thomas Train bubble whistle that has been sitting on the fridge for 5 months!
 At the movies with Dad! 

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  1. Way to go Blake! And way to go you! In my opinion, potty training is the hardest...


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